Tea Tree Oil

Are you serious? You want me to put potentially-harmful chemicals, harsh detergents, artificial flavors and scents, and lord knows what else on my scalp and hair? And you want me to do this to myself, every day? AND you want me to pay for it? Wow. That is a pretty sweet deal, and it’s on sale!

This is basically what we are saying, every day that we use ordinary commercial shampoos and conditioners. This is a very broad statement, I am aware, but it is still true. Not every commercial shampoo is harmful, and not every natural product is 100% awesome. There are many blurred lines and gray areas. No doubt.

However, I personally found a formula which works for me. It involves coconut milk, water, and essential oils, sometimes shea butter thrown in there as well, for good measure. This is my shampoo. Based on tea tree oil primarily. A tea tree oil shampoo is great, and I found that the major commercial ones don’t give me as good of a scrub as my own concoction. That may change. My hair and scalp – chances are yours, too! – change with the weather, with age, with using different products. The body is a dynamic and ever-changing thing, though it may not appear that way.

The things you can do with essential oils are many and varied. From cleaning your scalp to keeping bugs out of the house. From opening your sinuses to helping your digestion. They can do it all.

So, once every couple of weeks I shampoo and condition my hair. I let the hair and scalp do whatever it is they want during the down time, and my body has had plenty of time to adjust. And it does! Unless the weather is particularly bad, or I do something which requires me to clean and wash my hair right afterwards, the body and hair have time to secrete and absorb the body’s own oil, the sebum.

This is basically all I need for my hair and scalp, and the shampoo and conditioner simply keep things in check. This is another reason why a DIY shampoo such as that comes in handy.

Tea tree oil shampoo isn’t a new thing. There are many commercial ones outy there, and some of them are really good. You don’t have to get hung up on DIY, especially if you found a commercial formula which works for you. Don’t force it. Go with your gut.

Being able to say no to the myth that we need to wash our hair every day is very liberating. Most of us are not letting the scalp do its thing, eventually becoming highly dependent on the various products which are always around us. Is this a good thing? I think not. You need to use products sometimes, but more than that, you need to let your body do what it is meant to do. Otherwise, it could become stagnant and lifeless, and the formula will replace the body’s natural processes. Not my cup of tea.

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