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There is nothing like the breeze flowing through your hair as you drive along the highway in your hatchback on your way to the mountains for some good ol’ camping. I have been doing this camping trip all the time and it has been classy and fun for me and everyone else who need a break. I call it the self-sufficient camping trip. I come with fishing pole and gun to be able to go out and catch and hunt whatever I need to eat for that week. I bring the essentials just in case I find myself without protein but for the past couple of years I have been fairly successful with my rifle and shotgun.

The place I go is at a fairly high altitude and situated by a slow moving river where salmon and other fish comes to spawn so I bring the fishing rod so that I can catch some fresh fish. In the previous years I have caught my share of fish, so big and some small but all tasty. Same with the shotgun, I have shot myself some smaller animals because shooting a deer or something large like that would be a major waste for one guy like me. I remember the first time I shot myself a small rabbit. I felt like an ancient naïve American hunting out in the woods for his keep. I had watched videos on line about how to gut and prepare rabbits and animals like that. The first time I field stripped rabbit it was not a pretty scene but I have gotten way better at it. Practice folks. Now I am a butchering machine which sounds strange to say but it is true.My ritual when I first arrive at the spot is to dive into the river and take in that fresh mountain water. It’s cold and refreshing especially after being in the car all day. I used to come up with a bunch of people but soon realized that I would get the most out of it if I just went up alone. It is a time for quiet and meditation. I bring up my journal and thoughts and really make the most out of the solitude. Being able to feed myself is one of the more rewarding things I have achieved. I would like to get into fermenting but haven’t gotten the chance quite yet.
So far with all my shotgun and fishing expertise I have never had to deal with larger dangerous animals. There are said to be bears and other predators up in these hill but thankfully I have yet to come across these guys. If I ever did I would be ready because I have read everything about guns on This has prepared me for whatever has come my way so far. I hope to make these camping trips a lifelong thing but I will have to wait and see. A life is a long time, friends. For now I will camp.

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Glock 19

The Glock 19 compact 9mm handgun has only 35 parts . This is one of its main advantages. With such a small amount of parts involved, there is less chance that thing could malfunction. For this reason, Austrian authorities went with the Glock 17 (the 19’s full size older brother) as their official carrying pistol, back in 1980. It was the first Glock, and it made quite an impression on Europe, and later the U.S.

Glock handguns are made of steel and polymer, and are considered some of the best, safest, and most accurate handguns around. The name Glock is recognized by people who have never held a firearm in their life, which should give you an idea of just how popular this company is. It is a part of pop culture, and it continues to produce and market new handguns in various calibers. The different models and generations are still being imrpoved on. Glock are looking for perfection. It is no wonder that “perfection” is their slogan.

And do you want to know something truly amazing? Gaston Glock himself, the founder, is still around and still making headlines.

So, how does the Glock 19 shoot? In a word, great. There isn’t a lot of recoil, and the recoil that exists is manageable enough to get some good follow-up shots. For my hand, the 19 is a great fit, but it never hurts to put a grip sleeve on there, for times when it might be too cold, too hot, too wet, etc. We all react differently in emergency situations, and some people have trouble getting a grip on their weapon, which is where a sleeve is a great help.

The standard magazine has 15 rounds, but the Glock 19 has to ability to fire higher capacity mags. Some people get the Glock for concealment purposes, and when you insert a 17- or 33-round magazine it could potentially compromise the concealability. If that is not a prime concern, and you want more power firepower, a 17 round magazine may also help with your grip.

Glock handguns are great right out of the box, and the 19 is no exception. The first modification which is recommended, however, is to replace the sights. The stock sights are good, but tritium or fiber-optic ones are more versatile. If you plan on carrying at night, or if you are using the Glock 19 Gen 4 (Reviewed by as a home-defense weapon, consider either adding night sights or a laser/flashlight to your gun. There are some really great designs out there, which attach themselves seemlessly to the Glock’s frame.

Glock accessories are everywhere, because Glock handguns are immensely popular. They are used by military, police department, government agencies, civilian security forces, and everyday carriers.

If the Glock 19 is not your cup of scotch, and you are looking for something full-sized in a 9mm caliber, the Glock 17 is your best bet. It has a higher standard capacity of 17 rounds, which is plenty of firepower. The 9mm bullet is tough, and Glock handguns are a perfect match for it.

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