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The Keys To Showering

This is a story about hair, long beautiful hair that I wanted to help be the best it could. Shampoo and conditioner are the best things in the world but the debate rages on as to which is the supreme ruler of hairdo. The answer quite frankly is difficult to pin point and one that has raged on for centuries. Hair care is key to a life with a head full of hair. I found after years of research that the best stuff is the natural stuff. I am talking about natural hair care and shampoos that contain no chemicals or parabens. These can cause various side effects and the only side effect I want is beautiful long straight not frizzy hair. Let’s get started on this adventure to see what hair tips I have for everyone. The journey to great hair is simple and one that anyone can take with a little elbow grease and organic shampoo.

Showering is key to not smelling and staying fresh. When I shower I like to take my time, soak it in and really enjoy the experience. The thing is I have learnt that hot showers and hot water in general can have negative effects on your skin and hair. While it feels soothing it actually is drying out your skin and hair and stripping it of healthy sebum oil. What I have learnt to do is take colder showers or at least turn it cold for the last 8 minutes while I wash my hair. Trust me it makes your pores tighter which in turn means they have a better grip on your hair and so make stronger locks and shiner hair. I have shampooed and conditioner in cold showers for over a month and I can say that it really does do the trick for my hair. It also tends to wake you up. Nothing like a cold shower in the morning to put a little pep in your step, believe me.

Next when you get out of the shower don’t dry your hair with anything. Hair dryers will dry your hair fast but leave it damaged and sometimes burnt. When you air dry you create a head of hair that is stronger and better looking. I myself sit in front of a fan to dry my hair. Although this seems dumb it really works and I have done it every time I have gotten out of the shower for as long as that. I also use purple shampoo in the shower because I have blond hair and blond hair can change its tone slightly depending on the sun. When it gets darker a purple shampoo will brighten it up and leave it a lighter blond. Purple shampoo (as reviewed by Maple Holistics) is pretty popular so you can find it almost anywhere if you just look for it. It can get pretty expensive so you should really pinpoint what it is you need it for because it works for all hair types. From grey to gold.

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