Crazy Stupid Love

If you haven’t seen the movie, crazy stupid love, you’re missing out. It stars Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, and Steve Carrell. It’s a romantic comedy to the max. You really fall in love with the relationships in the movie and then cannot stop laughing. It’s just too good. It’s a movie you can watch whenever you want, whatever your mood is.


Heres the storyline. There’s this couple and the movie starts out with the wife asking the husband for a divorce. The reasoning behind it was because the wife had an affair. It is really sad to watch. We don’t know anything about this couple yet besides that they’re married and have children. We don’t know if a divorce is the right move for them as a couple. We are just hurt that anyone would want to divorce Steve Carrell.

They were on their way back from a date when the wife dropped the affair bomb. Steve Carrell literally jumped out of the moving car. I don’t know why the wife was driving, but I guess it was to get that awesome scene and awesome reaction that one would have when finding out their spouse cheated on them. Their son was at home with the babysitter who he’s in love with. But hear this the babysitter is in love with the father. What a love triangle or trapezoid. I can’t figure it out.


So the couple separates and the dad has to move out. He frequents this bar every night and meets this guy, Ryan Gosling, who is the always the man of the hour. He takes home a new woman every night and just has a way with words. Steve Carrel is alone every night sipping on a drink when one day Ryan Gosling comes over to him and offers him help with his set of skills.

Ryan Gosling takes Steve shopping for a new wardrobe and teaches him how to talk with a woman. He becomes the man of all hours. He brings home a new woman every night. He’s loving life but truly just trying to make the best out of a very bad situation. Anyway, Ryan eventually meets a woman who is more than just a one night stand. Emma stone just broke up with her boyfriend because she thought he would propose but he ended up just offering her a job. SO she wanted to go wild and sleep with a random stranger. Well lucky her that random stranger was Ryan Gosling.


Anyway long story short, they fall in love and  Emma stone wants to bring Ryan home to meet the fam and guess what? Emmas parents are the couple that just got divorced, and when Steve saw Ryan he was so mad. He told Emma that she can’t date this guy because he’s an animal. Which he was. But his ways have changed since meeting Emma. It’s just an amazing scene of all stories coming together. Emma and Ryan continued to date without talking to Steve.

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