Stephen Kings “IT”

You know those movies that you have a certain memory of as a kid? Perhaps you thought they were really good, really interesting, really amusing, or just plain awesome? There is a case for letting them stay that way. I recently watched several childhood/early teen films, and I was disappointed to find that they didn’t live up to the hype and promise which was going on in my head. Isn’t that a shame? I should have left well enough alone, instead of wanting to rekindle old and nostalgic flames. There was one movie in particular, called Homegrown, which I remembered to be a lot funnier and happier than it actually was. Now, it is a movie which revolves are weed and smokers, so it may be safe to assume I simply associated the weed scenes with the awesomeness of the movie. I began watching it the other day, and I could not get through the half of it. Now, to be clear, there isn’t something inherently wrong with the film. It is just that it didn’t manage to deliver, on many counts. I guess I thought it would be different, because I remembered it differently. This is exactly why sometimes you should leave things where they are – in the past. Another thing about that movie is that it is 20 or so years old, and while that isn’t exactly old in cinema years, it is still old enough to have a very different pace to it. There is the stoner angle, yeah, but it is primarily a “who dunnit?” movie, where a character is killed in the opening scene, and the rest of the film is spent smoking herb and trying to make head and tails of the whole business. Like I said, I couldn’t get through it, because I wasn’t expecting a murder mystery. It isn’t how I remembered it. And even if it IS a murder mystery, the pacing was a tad too slow for my current taste, even if teenage me was into it.

The same thing happened to me with the TV movie version of Stephen King’s IT. I remembered it scared the bejesus out of me as a kid, and now it simply looks laughable. Tim Curry as an evil, child-eating monster? I mean, come one…

Speaking of which, the 2018 full-length feature IT is one which I still haven’t seen. No spoilers, now. I will see it soon enough.

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